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The Things My Mother Does…

4 May

Yesterday I got an email from one of the school administrators.

It read:

“Hi, there is a package for you in the Admin Office.” I had spent the week hoping the box would finally arrive!

I’m not entirely sure, but I think I ran to the office. A huge smile on my face. The ladies all watched as one of the staff ceremoniously handed it over to me, asking what was inside.

“I have no idea” I responded. It was the truth! I kind of knew what the contents were, but in reality I could only imagine what extra surprises my mother had included!

I got over excited and opened it before taking the picture!

Inside were some boots, a bag from my parent’s latest vacation, some toothpaste, some chewing gum (I miss English gum!) and my most prized gift:


My favorite part of all these gifts my mother sends me is the cards. They normally contain information that is long since known, spoken about, dissected and moved on from, but I love them! Seeing the curl of her handwriting and the way she signs off at the end. Nothing makes my day more.

It takes me back to the times in university when she would send me a little card with a 20 pound note telling me to buy the house pizza. Or on having a troublesome exam, she would send me a happy floral card to make me smile!

The act, done with such love, overcomes the bigger greater gestures.

This particular card tells me of news I know. Things we have discussed, and then she just slips it is:

“I’m proud of you for taking the test, even when you thought you might fail”

This means a lot. 

I am a starter. I always start things, but do not finish them, especially when I think they might not be fully successful.  It made me proud to possibly fail! Hahaha…how ridiculous :p

Have you ever felt like this? Please share your experiences…