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Hand made makes all the difference

17 Feb

Hand made makes all the difference

On Wednesday I started my Korean tutoring classes with a really lovely Korean called Chris. She asked me to make a card for one of the orphans that she will see tomorrow.

Now I have a confession. I really don’t like making cards. I don’t like sending them, I do like receiving them, but mainly if they are filled with information from the person sending them. For example, my mother loves to send me these cute little cards. I love them because in the card she will write SO much information it takes me about an hour to read. Normally by the time I have read the whole thing she has spoken to me or emailed the information to me, but it’s nice to get non-the-less!

I am notoriously bad at buying cards. Maybe that is why I don’t like them. Haha. So I decided for this project a hand made beuty using hanji, a Korean paper. It’s really cute.

I simply took an A4 piece of paper, folded it in half and glued it together (this makes it thicker and more card like) I then folded it again to make it look like a card. On the inside I added a smaller piece of blue card, where I wrote a little message. I thought about finishing there, but it seemed to be lacking something. That’s when I thought about adding the strip of blue to the front. But it was still lacking.

I searched the internet for a while until I came across this link, which has a very easy step by step guide to making the ribbon. I tweaked mine a little but using just 2 strips of card, adding a contrasting color in the middle and then a cute little heart.

I’m calling it Korean style!

If you make cards, let me know, I love seeing the creative nature of people 🙂