Not just for the kids!

23 Apr

I found this while I was working on a lesson plan for school.

I plan on trying it out tonight! Hopefully I’ll be able to post pictures as I go along…

I’m so excited!

Have you found anything exciting to make or share recently? I would love to know šŸ˜€


Wondering what happened to me?

20 Apr

Sorry for anyone who actually follows this blog. I have been a little lax recently. Mainly because I wanted to keep my different topicsĀ separate. You know the drill, home and work lifeĀ separatedĀ and all that jazz…but I plan on updating here a lot more starting soon. So if there isĀ anythingĀ you would like to know about: cooking, sewing, homemaking…please please ask!

As for work life and Korea, please follow this link and take a look!

Keep safe and happy!


Spinach and Sweet Potato Soup

17 Mar

Spinach and Sweet Potato Soup

Last week I found some spinach in one of my western local Korean shops. I know that makes little sense, but if you’ve lived here then you’ll understand.

I really wanted to make a spinach soup. I freaking love spinach. Same with sweet potato!

I scoured the internet for recipes and found diet soup, cream soup, interesting soup and down right odd soup! None of them tickled my fancy so I put off making anything.

Until I opened my fridge and decided it was time.

Throwing in a sweet potato, onion, a little olive oil and tons of spinach. Chicken stock and water. Brought it to the boil and simmered it for 40 minutes. Blended it (this included spraying said delicious soup all up the wall!!)

For some weighr I added some cottage cheese and small chunks of salami.

I really enjoyed it hot and cold and can’t wait to make it again!



Healthy Living: Banana Smoothies in a Wine Glass

12 Mar

Healthy Living: Banana Smoothies in a Wine Glass

OK, so recently I haven’t been getting out much.

Study and a lack of sleep have kept me from enjoying the delights of drinking wine in the local Turkish bar (one of the few places to get real, good tasting wine in Korea!)

Double with an attitude that I need to become healthier than I have been, I have taken to drinking smoothies out of a wine glass!

My favourite is a banana, coffee and soy milk version that goes a little like this:

1 banana
as much soy milk as you like
some instant coffee (I actually use Startbuck’s Via for this!!!)

Blend together and drink.

It’s so simple and tasty and healthy!

Enjoy šŸ™‚


Roasted Garlic and Tumeric Chickpeas

9 Mar

The non-snack snack!

So I am trying to change my diet a little by cooking and eating healthier food than I was previously consuming. When I first started at my school I didn’t have much time for anything but school and sleeping. Oh, and some socializing! I tended to pop into the shops on the way to school to pick up either some gimbab or a pastry. Although gimbab, basically a Californian roll (and ooooh so tasty) is pretty healthy, it’s not so good to buy the non fresh stuff, packed with calories and additives at the shop. The pastry says enough. I would also buy a milky coffee and maybe a juice.

Now I know that those of you who go to Starbucks every morning buy something similar to me, and I’m not saying you shouldn’t. All I’m saying is that my body did not like it, and as I teach all day I tend to need a hell of a lot of energy (yes, I am one of THOSE teachers!!!)

So slowly but surely I am cutting down of the crap and introducing healthier, home made foods – I love cooking and baking and home made is almost always better than shop bought.

My latest discovery is roasted chickpeas. A wonderfully tasty way to fill up in between meals without eating chips and chocolate. They also give energy and are very easy to make.

All you need is:
~ chickpeas (if dried, 1/2 a cup soaked over night, if canned just the whole tin) drained
~ 3 or 4 cloves of garlic
~ tumeric (or any other flavorful spice)
~ salt and pepper
~ olive oil

1. Turn your oven to 200 degrees Celsius
2. In a bowl put all your ingredients and toss to cover everything in the mixture.
3. Put onto a baking tray.
4. Roast for up to one hour.
5. Cool and eat.

It’s so simple, you can leave it in there and go about your other business!

They taste so good, and are very filling!


For Shizzle Lemon Drizzle

5 Mar

For Shizzle Lemon Drizzle

A few weeks ago I was on vacation from school. It was the same week a lot of awesome teachers were finishing up and moving to new schools. (In Korea you can only serve 5 years at a school before having to move on. It’s good and bad for many reasons, one of them because I really liked my co-teacher so I was hoping she could stay).

Koreans don’t really like very very sweet things, unless it’s bread or garlic bread and then the sweeter the better! Hahaha…so when I make them western style sweet cakes they eat one bite and then complain that it’s too sweet.

That’s why this time I thought about a delicious lemon drizzle cake. I did some research and found the recipe without too much sugar, but still packing the flavor and tried it out. I had some left at the end so I make Lemon Drizzle Cupcakes too!

I cannot however take credit for this recipe! It was found here. It is super easy, the only thing I would amend is that when adding the eggs you should add them 1 at a time with some flour, or the batter becomes curdled and don’;t sit right. I even made the mistake of using plain flour instead of self raising and it came out better than the original!!

Since trying it the 1st time I gave it to my girl’s at a cooking lesson I was giving them last Thursday. It literally disappeared (along with some gorgeous banana bread made my an awesome baker!!). I was so pleased I decided it should be shared with more of the world…well my 10 or so regular readers :p

Please, make, eat and enjoy!


Getting Stuck In!

2 Mar

Getting Stuck In!

Yesterday I took my 2nd ever cooking class. This time with there were 12 of us in 1 room.

I honestly loved it! Everyone bringing ideas from their home countries and working together to adapt and build recipes. I certainly learned some new skills and tips that I hope to use in the future.

The 1st dish we made was Bread Tomato Soup. A very rustic, filling dish with rich flavours and wonderful colours. Here’s the recipe I used (I got it from here):

Bread and Tomato Soup
(serves 4)

You will need:
500g ripe cherry tomatoes
3 cloves of garlic, peeled and chopped
Basil (fresh if you can get it!)
Extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper
2 x 400g tins of (plum) tomatoes
500g or 2 loaves of stale bread

What to do:
Prick the cherry tomatoes and toss them with one sliced clove of garlic and 1/4 of the basil. Roast them for about 20 minutes. (if you donā€™t have an oven then skip this part!! You can do this in a pan with a lid over the top)
In a pot, add the rest of the garlic, oil and basil. Fry gently until soft. Add the tinned tomatoes then fill up the tins with water and add that. Break the tomatoes up with a spoon, bring to the boil and then simmer for 15 minutes.
Tear the bread up into thumb sized pieces and add them to the soup. Add more basil and simmer for 10 minutes. Your oven tomatoes should be ready now. Add them and remember to add all the sticky gooey bits too.
Stir the soup. Add 6 or 7 tablespoons of olive oil and serve.

This is seriously delicious. Try it!!