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Polkadot Flowers, Brown Eggs and Patbingsu

7 May

This weekend I was supposed to go to Gwangju. It had been planned for months, but in true Korean style a lot of other things then came up and so I was left with the potential of taking a 4.5 hour bus ride all the way to Gwangju to see some friends and then come all the way back in the same day. This is not so much my idea of a good day out anymore. Maybe I’m just getting old.

So, instead of going away I helped surprise one of my friends for his birthday and then spend a long time chatting with another friend. It was a very worthwhile night.

Then on Saturday I watch Bones (I love this show – I just started watching it and I really love it!) and knitting the blanket for my friend’s baby! Do you remember this post, where I talk about my 300 minute egg experiment. Well I think this is what it was supposed to look like when I cracked it open. These eggs are very common in Korea. I’m actually glad I didn’t get it right the time I tried as I didn’t like the taste and ended up throwing them away. Just goes to show…

No, really! Whoops!

Then on Saturday night I met up with my friend and introduced her to a Korea summer dish called patbingsu. It has crushed ice, a little icecream, nuts, red beans, fruit, ddok, and many other little bits. We had it at Caffe Bene but they are everywhere now the weather is getting hotter. Thankfully she loved it and we devoured it all over a long chat about life, love, religion and food.

Michi getting ready to dive in! It was so good we finished every last drop!

We called it a night early and after a good sleep I met with another friend, Jessica. She kindly offered to teach me how to make flowers in exchange for ‘helping’ her at the bank earlier in the week. They look so delicate and beautiful, I thought they would not only be very hard to make but they would take a long time.

So pretty!

Jessica made this so easy that in no time I had completed the bones of the flower. My centre is a little clumsy but all in all I’m very happy with it! And I will most definitely be trying this out again, in all different sizes and no doubt writing about it!

Jessica showing me how it is done. Working on her flower, adapting and changing as she went, until it was perfect!


This is my 1st attempt, and I’m pretty proud of it. The centre needs so working on, but that will come with practice ^.~

So, although I am really sad that I couldn’t spend time with my friends in Gwangju, there were other plans keeping me here, and look at what I achieved!

What did you do this weekend?


Wondering what happened to me?

20 Apr

Sorry for anyone who actually follows this blog. I have been a little lax recently. Mainly because I wanted to keep my different topics separate. You know the drill, home and work life separated and all that jazz…but I plan on updating here a lot more starting soon. So if there is anything you would like to know about: cooking, sewing, homemaking…please please ask!

As for work life and Korea, please follow this link and take a look!

Keep safe and happy!

Vintage Cardigan with a Mordern Twist!

11 Jan

I love love love to knit. I love sitting in front of the TV, at my friends house, in a coffee shop…you get the picture…and knitting for hours on end. It’s esecially fun with a friend who knits or crochets too. We can talk about what’s happengn in life and as I knit I feel the stress of life just sip away. The thing that makes this better: knitting for someone else! Someone I care about or who I know will appreciatetheir gift.

I’ll let you into a little secret: I very rarely knit for myself!

There I said it! I am a very fussy knitter. I am somewhat of a perfectionist. I have been known to get 1/2 way through a piece and then simply give up because it just isn’t good enough. Now the effort endured for others makes it orth it, but when it’s for me, I see no point!

Today’s little item is partially copied but I added my own spin. It is a traditinal baby jacket with a ribbon trimming. I plan to develop this more, and it’s not my best work, but I love the concept and think I’ll b spending a lot of my time in the future mixing techniques to seewhat happens.

So, it’s a little upside down rght now, but I’ll sort it out for you all tosee properly. Using a simple k1, p1 repetition every 2nd row I produced a cut little pattern. the blue and white ribbon just adds some zig to the otherwise plain cardigan.

The next cardigan I attempt wil be documented fully and put up here for you all to try out yourselves.