The Joys of Stick-on Nail Varnish!

11 Sep

I have always marveled at the Korean way of life! I often wonder how they can do their nails and lead such busy lives!

Well, might I answer my own question…

It all started yesterday when I asked my students how I should paint my nails. I have been making an effort to paint them recently as I work with my hands a lot. I sew and knit and bake and teach. When I’m pointing at my students’ work I want it to be with a nice finger, not a grubby “I’ve been running and digging in mud” finger!

And actually, I’m not bad at it!

It’s actually fun to design and execute new ideas in the nail department!

And buying nail varnish: SOOOOO much fun!

Who knew!?

Well, I stumbled across something quite convenient in Etude, a Korean beauty store:

Stick on nail varnish.

I thought it would be really hard to do on my own, but I tried one last night and by golly was it easy.

And it doesn’t look too bad!

Yes, I left it at one as I had to study. But in Korea that’s ok. Maybe tomorrow I’ll come to school with 4 and then each day change the number until they start falling off.

I’m going to keep some in my bag for parties. This is just the trick for covering up chipped nails you don’t have time to redo…

Oh Korea, you have out done yourself!





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