For Shizzle Lemon Drizzle

5 Mar

For Shizzle Lemon Drizzle

A few weeks ago I was on vacation from school. It was the same week a lot of awesome teachers were finishing up and moving to new schools. (In Korea you can only serve 5 years at a school before having to move on. It’s good and bad for many reasons, one of them because I really liked my co-teacher so I was hoping she could stay).

Koreans don’t really like very very sweet things, unless it’s bread or garlic bread and then the sweeter the better! Hahaha…so when I make them western style sweet cakes they eat one bite and then complain that it’s too sweet.

That’s why this time I thought about a delicious lemon drizzle cake. I did some research and found the recipe without too much sugar, but still packing the flavor and tried it out. I had some left at the end so I make Lemon Drizzle Cupcakes too!

I cannot however take credit for this recipe! It was found here. It is super easy, the only thing I would amend is that when adding the eggs you should add them 1 at a time with some flour, or the batter becomes curdled and don’;t sit right. I even made the mistake of using plain flour instead of self raising and it came out better than the original!!

Since trying it the 1st time I gave it to my girl’s at a cooking lesson I was giving them last Thursday. It literally disappeared (along with some gorgeous banana bread made my an awesome baker!!). I was so pleased I decided it should be shared with more of the world…well my 10 or so regular readers :p

Please, make, eat and enjoy!


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