Delight Squared

29 Feb

Delight Squared

My friend is having a baby very soon.

To mark this very exciting event I have been working on an old family pattern for a square blanket.

It’s super easy, once you get your head around it. And the squares knit up really quickly.

It’s taken me a really long time to do this but only because of my growing kitten and his absolute LOVE of moving wool. Along with stationary wool, bundled wool, and anything wool based (including my clothes!!).

It’s not quite finished yet, but it doesn’t stop me from posting about it! I’m an excited little bunny!

For beginners of making squares I would suggest just practicing basic knitting skills before you do the one piece blanket. And the joy with this style is that many people can contribute to the finished product 🙂

What you need:
~ a selection of colored yarn. I use double knit (worsted)
~ 4mm (US 6) knitting needles.
~ scissors

What to do:
~ check the paper band around your wool for details of how many stitches and rows make up a square of 10cm x 10cm (4 x 4 inches), It’s usually 22 stitches across by 30 rows. This is important to know, as you will need all the squares to be the same size for sewing up.

~ For this pattern, cast we’ll assume that it is 22 x 30 for a 10cm square.

1. cast on 22 stitches
2. knit the 1st row
3. purl
4. repeat 2. and 3. until you have 30 rows.
5. cast off

It’s really as simple as that. Make as many squares as you like. 100 squares will make a blanket 1 metre squared.

To Make the Blanket
~ Play around with your pairings and patterns of where you want your squares to be placed. Once you are happy I suggest taking a picture so you will remember what it all looks like. This stage could take some time to complete.

~ I would suggest some crocheting at this point. Take a contrasting colored yarn and simply crochet the squares together, working in a diagonal fashion:

1 2

Starting with 3 squares, crochet from the bottom of 1 and 2 and then 1 and 3, with the same thread. Then:

3 5
1 2 4

This time starting at the bottom of 2 and 4, crochet up diagonally. Making sure to secure squares 1 and 5 at the corner so there are no gaps or holes. Keep going until the whole blanket is complete.

~ Once this stage is complete you might like to add a border. For this I like to make it 50% bigger than the actual squares. Just knit it up and sew each side on as you go. If you want some more help on this one I’ll be writing more about it when I get to this stage of my blanket!

I love this blog post by One Crafty Momma. A very good look for the blanket. Something to aspire to 🙂


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