Homemade Sundried Tomatoes!

10 Feb


For the last few weeks I have been on vacation and it has been hard to spend my time doing and making things without the opportunity to blog about them. But now I am back at school, with a little free time, I can finally update the cool happenings of my time off at home.

When I’m in England I love to have Mediterranean food! Now I’m in Korea I really miss fresh unsweetened bread, feta cheese and sundried tomatoes! Lucky for me I found a way to recreate two of the three.

Today’s little tit-bit is about making sundried tomatoes in the oven:

You will need:

    • tomatoes (any size, variety, shape)
    • salt
    • olive oil
    • a knife

  • a bowl

  • a spoon
  • a roasting pan
  • an oven


  1. Set your oven to the 50 degrees celcius or gas mark 1.
  2. Chop the tomatoes into pieces. (I prefer making wedges out of them so that when they roast they curl in on themselves and look pretty)
  3. Put the tomatoes into a bowl with a drizzle of olive oil and some salt  nd mix well with the spoon(it all depends on your taste preference. If you are looking for super healthy food ommit this stage!)
  4. Pour the tomatoes into the roasting pan and place it in the oven for about 1 hour. Check after about 30 minutes and shake the pan to make sure the tomatoes are loosened. Depending on size and ripeness you might need to leave them in longer or take them out early.
  5. Leave too cool before putting them in an airtight container or simply eating them all at once! YUM!

That’s all for today folks. If you try this recipe please leave a comment and let me know! ❤

Have a good weekend!


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