Laptop’s Delight

19 Jan

Today’s little tit-bit comes from an idea I had while trying to find a cute laptop bag or pouch for my gigantic laptop (it was 17.5″ and quite thick). I searched and search for about 2 years, and couldn’t find anything that I was truly happy with.

So I decided to make my own.

I got out my wonderful tunisian crochet needle and 2 balls of this wonderful blue yarn, and began. It was just before I moved to Korea for the second time so I was happy to focus on something other than lack of sleep on the very long plane rides. (worry not dear friends, I do not fear flying, I simply struggle to find sleep —> it simply evades me and I am left sitting watching film with my bum getting so numb I want to jump up and run up and down the aisles waking everyone up and making them move, anyway…)

I carried it on over the months, not getting very far, until one day my friend did something wonderful for me. I had been very sick and going through a horrible time personally. She came to visit me and brought with her the tastiest home-made western-style chicken soup. it turned out that, aided by her mother, she had prepared and cooked everything from scratch.

In order to repay her kindness I wanted to give her something in return.

And then it struck me.

I very rarely use my own creations. And I was changing my laptop to a stunning iPad so I would have no need for something so beautiful :p

I also knew it would fit perfectly with my friends personality.

So I got to work. It was a lot easier than I thought. Made easier that although the laptop is smaller than mine, it fit the width diameter and so I didn’t have too much more to do.

The wonderful thing about tunisian crocheting is that it is very repetitive, doesn’t require too much thought (although one must pay as much attention as possible to ensure stitches are not increased or decreased unwittingly :p)

The flower was actually the hardest part for me. Where the case itself had been straight forward, once I had the right number of stitches, the flower took me a couple of days to practice stitch techniques and find the correct size for the case. And then sewing it together with the little golden button (for some Korean bling) made all the difference.

After I had finished all of that, I found some VERY soft fleece with no scratch. This is important. The no scratching thing. The crocheted pouch looks wonderful but the fibers in the wool may cause a little scratching, so I made sure that there was no point in which the laptop would be kept in just this spot. I measured the fleece against the finished case and made it a little smaller, but allowing for a seam of 1cm. I decided to machine sew it and then hand stitch into the case. It was the best option.

The outcome was one very cute little pouch and one very happy friend.

I am in the process of writing the pattern for this wonderful bag, but will get on a lot quicker if someone wants it. Or if you would like me to make you a wonderful little bag like this then please let me know 🙂

Have a wonderful day!

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