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Exciting Times!

24 Jan

Today I met up with a local foreigner to take some old clothes from her. I’m working on a little project using old clothes to up cycle and make a huge quilt. It’s going to be awesome!

Tonight I’m also taking a trip to he super market to pick up a fish filter for the cats new water hole ­čÖé awesome!


Quaint floral tea towel!

23 Jan

I have recently discovered something rather interesting.

When I sew the cats sleep (well Robinson always sleeps) but when I knit I suddenly become very interesting! GoGo will chase and grab and yank. The problem being that I am almost always knitting for someone else. This means that I have to separate the two very quickly! I have already had to unpick a section of my latest project, a slightly complex knitted blanket.

So I normally enforce naps On the baby.

This also allows me to spend time with the big girl.

Anyway, I digress. Today I made a little home warming gift for my friend. She is visiting me from the south of South Korea. She is also just about to change jobs and so she gets a whole new apartment. A lovely little space with a separate bedroom and that means an actual kitchen.

So I made her a small tea towel. It can also be used as a table mat. I wanted to make her some more, but it’ll be a work in progress. It also gives me a good chance to practice my basic skills.

For this pattern I used a simple light hessian clothe and a very light cotton fabric. To copy me you can use the directions below:

You’ll need:

12″ x 30″ light hessian fabric

12″ x 6″ patterned cotton fabric

Tape measure


Sewing machine



Ironing board


1. Wash and iron your fabrics. This will help it maintain it’s size after washing and should be more pliable to work with.

2. Place the patterned fabric on the hessian, pattern facing the outside. Work out where you would like to place it. Once you are happy where it should go, mark 1cm below the top point.

3. Turn your fabric over so that the pattern in facing away from you. Line up your fabric so that there is a 1cm seam allowance. Make sure at this point that is is straight.

4. Take the pins it one by one and repin in place with the cotton.

5. With a straight stitch sew the material together.

6. Flap the patterned material so it is facing the correct way.

7. Iron it so that it stays in place.

8. Fold and pin the top and bottom edges with a 1cm allowance for the seam. Make sure it is straight.


9. Sew these in place with a zigzag stitch.

10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 for the sides.

(At this point I trimmed all the excess fabric leaving a 1 or 2mm gap between the edge of the fabric and the stitching. If you get too close you might accidentally cut the stitching, leaving you frustrated and needing to start it all again!)

This is where I finished on this project. I love the slightly rough look to be honest, but if you want it to look prettier: Follow steps 8 and 9. Then trim the edges, and turn them over one more time, close to the zigzag stitching. You can leave a 1cm edge if you want, but I normally just fold it over close to the stitching. Sew using a straight stitch. And then do the same thing again on the sides.

Well folks, it’s at simple as that! Let me know how you get on. Or if anything is too confusing.

Or, if you want something like this but don’t have time/the inclination/skills…I am happy to make one for you, or walk you through it! Happy sewing!


┬áLaptop’s Delight

19 Jan

Today’s little┬átit-bit┬ácomes from an idea I had while trying to find a cute laptop bag or pouch for my gigantic laptop (it was 17.5″ and quite thick). I searched and search for about 2 years, and couldn’t find anything that I was truly happy with.

So I decided to make my own.

I got out my wonderful tunisian crochet needle and 2 balls of this wonderful blue yarn, and began. It was just before I moved to Korea for the second time so I was happy to focus on something other than lack of sleep on the very long plane rides. (worry not dear friends, I do not fear flying, I simply struggle to find sleep —> it simply evades me and I am left sitting watching film with my bum getting so numb I want to jump up and run up and down the aisles waking everyone up and making them move, anyway…)

I carried it on over the months, not getting very far, until one day my friend did something wonderful for me. I had been very sick and going through a horrible time personally. She came to visit me and brought with her the tastiest home-made western-style chicken soup. it turned out that, aided by her mother, she had prepared and cooked everything from scratch.

In order to repay her kindness I wanted to give her something in return.

And then it struck me.

I very rarely use my own creations. And I was changing my laptop to a stunning iPad so I would have no need for something so beautiful :p

I also knew it would fit perfectly with my friends personality.

So I got to work. It was a lot easier than I thought. Made easier that although the laptop is smaller than mine, it fit the width diameter and so I didn’t have too much more to do.

The wonderful thing about tunisian crocheting is that it is very┬árepetitive, doesn’t require too much thought (although one must pay as much attention as possible to ensure stitches are not increased or decreased unwittingly :p)

The flower was actually the hardest part for me. Where the case itself had been straight forward, once I had the right number of stitches, the flower took me a couple of days to practice stitch techniques and find the correct size for the case. And then sewing it together with the little golden button (for some Korean bling) made all the difference.

After I had finished all of that, I found some VERY soft fleece with no scratch. This is important. The no scratching thing. The crocheted pouch looks wonderful but the fibers in the wool may cause a little scratching, so I made sure that there was no point in which the laptop would be kept in just this spot. I measured the fleece against the finished case and made it a little smaller, but allowing for a seam of 1cm. I decided to machine sew it and then hand stitch into the case. It was the best option.

The outcome was one very cute little pouch and one very happy friend.

I am in the process of writing the pattern for this wonderful bag, but will get on a lot quicker if someone wants it. Or if you would like me to make you a wonderful little bag like this then please let me know ­čÖé

Have a wonderful day!

Vintage Cardigan with a Mordern Twist!

11 Jan

I love love love to knit. I love sitting in front of the TV, at my friends house, in a coffee shop…you get the picture…and knitting for hours on end. It’s esecially fun with a friend who knits or crochets too. We can talk about what’s happengn in life and as I knit I feel the stress of life just sip away. The thing that makes this better: knitting for someone else! Someone I care about or who I know will appreciatetheir gift.

I’ll let you into a little secret: I very rarely knit for myself!

There I said it! I am a very fussy knitter. I am somewhat of a perfectionist. I have been known to get 1/2 way through a piece and then simply give up because it just isn’t good enough. Now the effort endured for others makes it orth it, but when it’s for me, I see no point!

Today’s little item is partially copied but I added my own spin. It is a traditinal baby jacket with a ribbon trimming. I plan to develop this more, and it’s not my best work, but I love the concept and think I’ll b spending a lot of my time in the future mixing techniques to seewhat happens.

So, it’s a little upside down rght now, but I’ll sort it out for you all tosee properly. Using a simple k1, p1 repetition every 2nd row I produced a cut little pattern. the blue and white ribbon just adds some zig to the otherwise plain cardigan.

The next cardigan I attempt wil be documented fully and put up here for you all to try out yourselves.



7 Jan

Happy new year! Welcome to my new blog. I have been thinking of starting this for a while now, and new year seems as good a time as any to start. I love sharing people but often find myself boring or not coming out with what I really want to say. My 2012 resolution to to get myself up and running as a ‘helpful’ homemaking blog. I plan to design and share with you my findings, patterns, materials, recipes, reviews and anything else I am passionate about along the way!

Today I just introduce myself and set up the blog, tomorrow brings new and exciting beginnings…if you have any requests or questions please leave comments and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Nice meeting you and hope to see you again soon!!!


Hello world!

7 Jan

Welcome to the new blog!!!